Saturday, December 11, 2010


Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the United States of America. In my district here, most of the exchange students are from the States. Guess what we had on December the 4th? Thanksgiving!!
David arranged it, Kendra hosted, and it was amazing! First question that I can hear: Why December the 4th? That’s not Thanksgiving! Yes, I know. But the planning started about five days before the American’s Thanksgiving, so this was the compromise. Second question: Did you have turkey?? No. No one here really has the skills required to cook a turkey. Again, we compromised. Kendra made tacos, and the rest of us brought something, cider, pie, cookies, anything.
So who went to this? Sarah and I completely missed ours in October, so we definitely there! The Aussies showed up, and just about everyone in our district and the one above us! Bria (Texas) is from the other district so she stayed the night at my place. We didn’t do too much: played some card games, talked a lot, relived language week, all that jazz. It was an awesome night!
Bria, Surya, and I didn’t get home until 1:00am, we were having that much fun! Oh, yes! Bria and Surya stayed the night at my place! Bria is one of my friends from language camp and she and I are really good friends! A few weeks before, she asked to stay at my place for the weekend as she was coming down for a visit. Thanksgiving happened to be at the same time, so of course, we were there! Surya’s host family was going out for the weekend, and Rotary doesn’t really like it if we spend the night alone. Therefore, she asked to spend the night at my place. Slumber party! And Thanksgiving! All-in-all, a great weekend! XD

So to everyone reading this: Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! XD

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