Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm a moron. In the last blog, I completely forgot to post an upcoming/ongoing event now: A musical. Hvitfeldska is putting on a musical called, "Patience." Patience is about this person, Bunthorn, who needs to find a wife. Patience is a girl who struggles to understand what love is and who should she love: Bunthorn, a poet, or Archibald, her childhood friend. In the words of Kendra, who watched it during a rehearsal, its like a high school drama... But in the style of of Jane Austin. I'm not acting in it (Damn!), but I do get to be in it. By virtue of being the only oboist in the school, I got a first class ticket in the the orchestra. I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm really happy! It is such an awesome experience to play in an opera! We are led by the ever so talented, Peter! Peter a few years ago was in Banff, studying at the Fine Arts School there. And the actors are led by Martin, the band director, not conductor. We performed twice already; Thursday and last night. Felix (Taiwan) and my second host family came to see it last night. It was so nice of them to come see it! And!! They gave me a rose after wards! They are such sweet people! XD

IT SNOWED!! Late November, and the snow decides that it's time to put in a permanent appearance! I cannot believe that I'm saying this, but I missed snow. A lot. I'm watching the birds fly through the air and sit on the trees. I'm listening to the still silence of the outside... punctuated with the music of Halo and Bullet for my Valentine. XD

So that's all I have for this really short update!

Hej Då!


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